John Marvin Scott

Guitarist, Composer, Studio and Session Musician, and Music Educator



John has been working in music education since 2015, and since then has been honing his craft as a musician and an educator. John teaches guitar technique, musicianship, music theory and history as well as the ukulele and group courses such as small ensemble and semi-private lessons. John's unique ability to tailor the curriculum to his students and his vast knowledge of music and the technical side of music-making is what truly makes John one of the best upcoming teachers today. John teaches privately online through Lessonface, and through a number of studios throughout the Vancouver Greater Area.

John Scott's fluid, inventive playing really stands out. He has a knack for creating memorable melodies and complex harmonic textures alike, and his subtle, expressive touch never fails to connect with the heart of the song.

Jeremy Doody, Former Guitar Instructor

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