Jazz Duo

The duo is one of the most intimate musical experiences there is, and John has established himself as one of Vancouver's most sought out guitarists to performances with this type of ensemble.

John performs with the top up and coming saxophonists, other guitarists and vocalists in the Vancouver area such as Brodie Jones, Patrick Kao, and Matt Franceschini.

J.M.S. w/ Brodie Jones

Guitar and Saxophone Duo

Guitarist John Marvin Scott and saxophonist Brodie Jones are two of Vancouver's up and coming musicians, and the duo is a pure representation of exactly that. They create a powerful musical dynamic that is inherently sophisticated, yet progressive and mischievous. The duo performs around small, local venues in the Vancouver area, and they each perform on their own in a variety of other musical groups.

J.M.S. & Patrick Kao

Guitarists John Marvin Scott and Patrick Kao are a musical force with a unique take on the duo setting. Playing jazz standards

and jazz pieces from Latin America, John and Patrick create a wholesome sonic environment dedicated to serving the music being created at the present moment.